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Ryan Luce Videochat on TuDiabetes

Last Friday, TuDiabetes had me on for an hour-long videochat to talk about clinical trials.  The video quality of the demo part is a little grainy, but there were lots of great questions about clinical trials.  If you’re interested, check it out:

Corengi on

Late news announcement: I’m going to be hosting a video chat on at 1:00 PM (PDT) on Friday, October 5th.

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HealthCentral Article About Corengi

David Mendosa, diabetes blogger extraordinaire, wrote a great article about Corengi for HealthCentral.  Check it out here.

New Animated Video to Help Diabetes Patients Better Understand Clinical Trials simplifies clinical research with new educational video and matching engine to help diabetes patients identify suitable trials.

Seattle, WA – Corengi, Inc. today announced it has launched a new animated video entitled “What ARE Clinical Trials?” The new video – available at – is a short, humorous program explaining many of the key concepts used in clinical research. Along with a number of other concepts, the video explains the different phases of clinical trials, highlights the differences between interventional and observational trials, provides examples of inclusion and exclusion criteria, and describes the purpose of an Institutional Review Board (IRB). Corengi produced the video to help the 27 million diabetes patients in the United States understand more about the convoluted process of clinical research.

While it does spotlight some aspects that are specific to diabetes, the video is an educational tool that anyone can use. Andrew Schorr, founder of PatientPower and author of The Web-Savvy Patient, endorsed the new video, commenting, “This can be used by anyone with any ongoing health concern where participating in clinical research should be one option to consider. As a trial participant from years ago, I wish I had seen this to help me better understand the clinical trial world.”

“The video helps explain in detail what a clinical trial is,” adds Cherise Shockley, founder of Diabetes Social Media Advocacy, a weekly Twitter chat and radio program. “It explains the who’s, the what’s and the why’s. This is a great way for anyone with diabetes to learn more about clinical trials.”

“This type of information is what patients need to make better-informed decisions and manage their healthcare options to enhance their lives,” explains Jake Fry, a director at Sound Medical Research, a clinical trial site in Washington State that conducts diabetes research.

“Among diabetes patients who have participated in a clinical trial, the vast majority describe it as a very positive experience,” concludes Ryan Luce, co-founder of Corengi. “The challenge is that many other patients don’t completely understand what clinical trials are and how they work. With this video, we hope to provide more insights into the process, and encourage more type 2 diabetes patients to consider them as an option.”

Corengi is committed to helping patients with diabetes understand more about clinical trials and help them find clinical trials that are right for them. To view the video or use Corengi’s clinical trial matching engine, please visit

The video is also available on youtube and can be embedded on other websites.

Newest Issue of Corengi Diabetes Research Newsletter

The newest issue can be found here:

First April Diabetes Research News Update

Research News About Actos, Merck Clinical Trial Changes, and Lipitor Causing Diabetes –

First February Newsletter Posted

The first newsletter of February (and third of all time) has been posted. We talk about recent research on how physicians aren’t being trained to treat diabetes, Shirley the low blood sugar sniffing dog, and new clinical trials that are out there for type 2 diabetes. Go read the whole thing here

Summary of Recent Diabetes Research

We’ve put together a newsletter of recent news from the world of diabetes research.  We’ve put together the recent trials that have launched, news about Afrezza and the Finesse, and a smattering of bad jokes.  The newsletter is available here.

If you’re interested in signing up for the newsletter, visit – and sign up!

Corengi Is Giving $1 To Diabetes Research for “Likes” on Facebook

Just a reminder, here – that Corengi will donate one dollar to Dodging Diabetes® for every person who “likes” us on Facebook during the month of January.  Dodging Diabetes® is a Washington, D.C. – based charity that hosts a dodgeball tournament every March to raise money for the Joslin Diabetes Center.  So far, we’ve got over 100 folks liking us on Facebook – but we need even more!  (We’re a bit insecure that way.)  For more information about the campaign, visit us at

Dodging Diabetes Campaign Press Release

Corengi Diabetes Clinical Trial Website Trades Facebook “Likes” For Donations to Dodging Diabetes® Charity

Corengi campaign helps patients living with Type 2 diabetes select clinical trials and supports diabetes research

SEATTLE,  January 4, 2011 – Corengi, Inc. today announced the launch of a charitable campaign to raise money for the Dodging Diabetes® charity. For every individual who “likes” Corengi on Facebook, Corengi will donate one dollar to Dodging Diabetes®.  Corengi operates a free online tool that helps patients living with Type 2 diabetes find clinical trials that are right for them.   Additionally, Corengi provides an online news service that focuses specifically on diabetes and ongoing clinical research.  Dodging Diabetes® is a Washington, D.C. – based charity that hosts a dodgeball tournament every March to raise money for the Joslin Diabetes Center.

“I learned from the Beatles that you can’t buy someone’s love, but we thought we might be able to buy their like,” explains Ryan Luce, president of Corengi.  “For every individual who likes Corengi on Facebook, we’ll give one dollar to Dodging Diabetes®.   On top of that, you’ll be able get the latest diabetes research news right to your Facebook account.”

“I want to be clear, however, that we are capping the donation at $1,000,” continues Ryan Luce.  “After some careful accounting, we’ve determined that this represents approximately $1,000 more than Corengi has made in the life of the company.”

“We’re thrilled Corengi is helping the diabetes communities in two ways: by helping people with diabetes find clinical trials and by helping us raise money for diabetes research and education,” says Anna Tiedeman Irwin, a co-founder of Dodging Diabetes®.  “What’s not to like about this campaign??”

To participate in the campaign, please visit

Ryan Luce is available for interviews to talk about Corengi and the new campaign.

- ends -

About Corengi, Inc.

Headquartered in Seattle, Wash., Corengi was founded in 2010 by healthcare industry veteran Ryan Luce and seasoned web entrepreneur Elliot Cohen. Corengi is dedicated to helping individuals discover more about clinical trials that may be appropriate for them, and is committed to building a free, comprehensive, and interactive platform for a variety of diseases. This online platform will allow stakeholders within the clinical trials community, including investigators, site personnel, sponsors, and disease advocates, to engage with potential enrollees and educate them about specific clinical trials. For more information, visit us online at

About Dodging Diabetes®

Anna Tiedeman Irwin and Elizabeth Kramer founded the Washington, D.C.-based Dodging Diabetes® charity in 2005 to raise money and awareness to defeat diabetes for good. Both Anna and Elizabeth have brothers who live with Type 1 diabetes. Dodging Diabetes® has netted over $60,000 for the Joslin Diabetes Center through its annual charity dodgeball tournaments. This year’s tournament will be on March 13, 2011 in Rockville, Maryland.