There was an article about the Finesse Patch Pen on Xconomy (link here) and where they are in terms of developing this new technology.  First off, however, what is this device (being developed by Calibra Medical)?

Lets go to the source – the Finesse website.

“Finesse is a small, flat, disposable, mealtime insulin delivery patch that is only about a ¼” thick and just a little longer than a mid sized paper clip. Entirely mechanical with no batteries, no electronics, no separate infusion sets. Stays comfortably adhered to your body for up to 3 days through showering, exercising, sleeping, intimacy.”

One of the very interesting aspects of this device is that it is entirely mechanical – there’s nothing electrical.  Instead, when you need to deliver insulin – you push two buttons (they have to be pushed simultaneously) to deliver the insulin needed.  If you’re wearing a thin enough shirt, you can actually do this through your clothing (you don’t have to pull up your shirt.)

The Finesse was actually already approved by the FDA for 3-day use with Novolog.  Generally, reactions of those who have used it in research has been very positive – as detailed by this post last summer on   At this point, Calibra Medical is working to reduce the costs of manufacturing the device – but they seem confident that this will not be that much more expensive than standard insulin pens.  Hopefully, these devices will be available for general use some time in 2011!

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