Via the always trustworthy Luke Timmerman at xconomy, Zafgen is announcing promising results about a new anti-obesity drug today.  The drug, currently called ZGN-433, showed promising results in a month of study of 24 female participants in Australia.  From the article:

“The trial only lasted one month—and obesity drugs need to show sustained benefit for at least a year—but even in early days among the first 24 people tested, the weight loss effect was significantly better than a placebo. Side effects included mild headaches and dizziness at high doses. Detailed findings will be presented at the Keystone Symposia on Obesity in Keystone, CO, on January 15.”

This is great news, but its probably too early to start getting too excited.  This is extremely early data, with only 24 participants over a month.  The FDA would require hundreds if not thousands of people over a much longer time period.

You’ll have to wait if you’re interested in participating in such a clinical trial.  As of now, the only trial they have going is in Australia – and is no longer recruiting participants.  That said, with this news, they are sure to ramp up clinical trials, probably with some of them in the United States or Canada.