Yesterday, I posted some information about who sponsors clinical trials (see here).  I thought it would be worthwhile to show some additional data on sponsors.  (Note that all data here, as well as the previous post, is based on U.S. trials only.  Additionally, these trials are “open” – currently recruiting or soon to recruit.)

First off, any single clinical trial can have more than one sponsor.  Most just have one – but there are lots that have two or three, and some that have as many as seven.

I also wanted to show who some of the more common sponsors of industry trials are.  The following graph looks only at industry-sponsored trials (not government or non-profit) – and shows the pharmaceutical or medical device companies that sponsor at least two trials.

The most common sponsors of type 2 diabetes clinical trials (for industry) are Eli Lilly and Novo Nordisk.  Most of Eli Lilly’s trials are centered on Byetta (scientific name: exenatide) and a compound called LY2189265 – which works in a similar manner to Byetta.  Most of Novo Nordisk’s trials are around insulin.  Finally, Amylin is also working (with Eli Lilly) on a formulation of exenatide as well.