NexCura and Corengi recently collaborated to look at how diabetes patients view clinical trials.  NexCura invited individuals who had used one of their Heart Profiler tools to participate in an online survey that examined a number of issues surrounding this topic.  (Information on methodology is here.)

We asked the respondents about their views on clinical trials.  First and foremost, 20% of the patients responded that they had participated in a clinical trial in the past.  We asked everybody, however, how much they understood about trials, and whether or not they’d consider it in the future.

How well do patients understand clinical trials?

Would patients consider a clinical trial?

We also wanted to ask patients what they found most attractive about clinical trials – as well as what concerned them most.  

Most important reason to participate in clinical trials

Most important concern about participating in clinical trials

Among patients who had previously participated in a clinical trial, they were overwhelmingly positive about the experience.  Along with patients from NexCura, we had also surveyed patients from another sample in order to get more respondents who had previously been in a clinical trial.  Looking at the two samples together, we had 145 diabetics who had previously been in a clinical trial.  We asked those experienced patients - “Would you recommend other diabetes patients look into participating in a clinical trial?”

88% – Yes, I would recommend other patients look into clinical trials

0% – No, I would not recommend other patients look into clinical trials

12% – Not sure

While clinical trials are definitely not for every one, they are an option that more folks should consider.  If you’re interested in exploring your clinical trial options, find out more about how Corengi works on the video below.

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